1. Fantastic Twins
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Autarkic
    Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel
  3. Smagghe & Cross
    London, UK
  4. Borusiade
    Berlin, Germany
  5. Strapontin
  6. Benedikt Frey
    Berlin, Germany
  7. Cooper Saver
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  8. Crowdspacer
    Paris, France
  9. Zillas on Acid
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Microdosing Berlin, Germany

Microdosing is a series of compilation 12”s selected by Julienne Dessagne aka Fantastic Twins, and designed by French visual artist Geff Pellet. Microdosing is a collective experiment aimed at helping you fighting back your modern obsession with happiness. Microdosing will provide you with sonic healing weapons on regular basis and at irregular dosage. Life is a struggle, time to embrace it. ... more

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